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Floralie Millsaps, Salt Lake City

Floralie Millsaps is an ambassador extraordinaire for the cause of preserving Utah's heritage. Over the past 17 years, she has devoted countless hours to educating a wide variety of audiences about the history behind Utah's buildings. There are few people who have singlehandedly done more to raise awareness of the value of Utah's historic resources than Floralie, and fewer still who can match her record ofvolunteer service on behalf of preservation.

In the late 1970s, Floralie began making heritage education presentations to school children as a Utah Heritage Foundation volunteer. Soon she was not only making presentations, but creating them. She conducted extensive original research on Utah history and historic buildings and transformed this research into engaging slide programs on a variety of topics, including mining in Park City and Bingham Canyon, early Utah women, and the history of South Temple Street.

Floralie and other UHF volunteers have presented the programs she developed to thousands of school children along the Wasatch Front. In addition, Floralie has stepped outside the classroom to make presentations to hundreds of adult groups. Whatever the audience, she never misses an opportunity to promote preservation.

Floralie has also written and guided a variety of walking tours for Salt Lake City neighborhoods and served as a guide in every building where UHF gives tours. Floralie knows human interest stories are what tour goers love and remember. The "inside scoops" that accompany every program are her trademark. After all, it is the human story embodied by buildings that we all relate to.

When all is said and done, it is Floralie's passion that sets her apart. She exudes as much enthusiasm today as she did when she began her preservation work 17 years ago. UHF, in particular, and Utah preservation, in general, have benefited greatly from her tireless volunteer efforts.