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Park City Municipal Corporation

In the face of development pressures like no other city in Utah, Park City Municipal Corporation has made a strong and enduring commitment to preserving the historic resources that define the city's unique character.
Over the last twenty years, the City has directly taken on the preservation and renovation of important historic buildings like the Miner's Hospital, Marsac School, and Park City High School. The city also purchased and placed under easement the historic McPolin Farmstead thereby protecting an historic viewshed and important agricultural heritage.
Since 1982, Park City has made significant investment in protecting its historic housing stock. Through the Park City Historic District Grant Program, the city has provided over two million dollars in matching grants for renovation projects on well over 500 private homes. The photos of these projects speak for themselves of how this program has benefited the entire community.
Moreover, the city's preservation ordinance and Historic District Commission are models for communities throughout the state. Park City has a professionally-designed historic district design guidelines, a well-crafted preservation ordinance, and a committed and capable commission staff. Historic District Commissioners receive ongoing training and are devoted to working with applicants to develop sensitive design solutions
Park City's leaders and citizens are to be commended for their wise investments in their past which will continue to pay dividends for the city long into the future.