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Boyle Warehouse/Twin Rivers Complex, Ogden

The new Twin Rivers Complex, named for the Ogden and Weber Rivers, is a coup for the revitalization of downtown Ogden. In 2000, the IRS announced plans to build a new service center on the outskirts of Ogden. The joint efforts of the City of Ogden, the Utah State Historic Preservation Office, the General Services Administration, and Utah Heritage Foundation brought the project to Ogden's Central Business District, saved an historic building, and rejuvenated an entire block.

The massive project included adapting the vacant Boyle Furniture Company Warehouse as storage and office space. The Boyer Company, the project developer and property owner, made maintaining the historic character of the building's exterior a priority. The building's masonry was cleaned and repointed, new windows were designed to match the original wood windows, and the historic Boyle sign was left in place. The public spaces on the interior feature historic materials, such as wood columns and rehabilitated doors.

To meet the IRS's needs for space, a new building was constructed next to Boyle. This building was carefully designed to respect its setting in Ogden's historic warehouse district. Together, Boyle and its new neighbor, house 1,200 IRS employees.

The IRS is so pleased with the Twin Rivers Complex that it has requested office space in downtown Ogden for an additional 1,000 employees. Work is already underway on the rehabilitation of an historic warehouse across the street from Boyle. The Twin Rivers project exemplifies the crucial role historic preservation plays in successful downtown revitalization and offers a model for cooperation between local, state, and federal agencies.