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Leavitt-Clark House, Farmington

When Chadwick Greenhalgh and Alysa Revell purchased the Leavitt/Clark house in 1998 they had no clue how much work they had ahead of them. Chadwick's grandmother had once lived here and he wanted to bring the house back to its original state restoring the history of the home. The house was completely redone in the 1970's so there was a carport, shag carpet, and layers of wallpaper that needed to be removed. To make sure they did everything right Chadwick and Alysa went to SHPO where they were educated about historic homes. Six and a half years and a lot of hard work the pioneer-era home is complete. They recreated the staircase that once was in the entry of the grand hall using Douglas Fir. Closets were removed, missing walls replaced, single-pane wood windows installed, and the original fir floors that were painted on the edges and left bare in the center underneath the rugs were revealed. In addition they built a new rock carriage barn behind the house where there once was a fieldstone building. This beautiful pioneer-era home welcomes people into downtown Farmington's Clark Lane Historic District and sets an example for neighbors to do the same.