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C.C. Keller Building, Ogden

When Bruce Edwards took over this building and started renovating it no one believed that he would be able to save it. But that is exactly what he did. The C.C. Keller Building has been through multiple owners that each tell their own story. It all began in 1896 housing rooming establishments, the most notorious being the Rose Rooms during World War II. It also housed a restaurant, bakery, saloon, and grocer. The long restoration project began in 1992 by the city of Ogden. In 1998 Bruce helped Lucky Lady purchase the building and in 1999 they deeded the building to Bruce. The restoration process began with the exterior of the building removing all exterior paint on the brick and sandstone. In 2000 the work shifted to the interior gutting the entire building and putting in new beams. Ceilings remained at the historical height. All of the exterior windows and doors on the west side were replaced. Though there was extensive water damage when Bruce took over the building he was able to restore it to the closest he could to its original design. In restoring this building Bruce had to go through many loopholes but in the end he came out with a great project. It now is the home for ‘Trends and Traditions."