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Artspace City Center, Salt Lake City

Artspace is a non-profit organization that creates affordable live and work spaces for artists, cultural organizations, non-profits, and others to promote stable and safe communities. Artspace's latest project is Artspace City Center - the adaptive use of the former ZCMI General Warehouse on 5th West and 230 South.
Built in 1905, this warehouse was used as the primary delivery and storage for Zion's Cooperative Mercantile Institution. This warehouse functioned at full capacity for over 25 years before the Depression. A rail spur entered the center of the building which allowed for the use of loading docks on both sides of the tracks. This unique architecture and function is also what made it interesting for reuse.
Its use as a warehouse and storage facility continued until Artspace began construction in 2005. During the renovation the building was divided into two sections: The north side that was converted in to 18 townhouses, and the south side that was made into commercial space for artist studios and non-profit offices. The train court has been converted into a 2,700 square foot interior garden that bisects the building.
The renovation of the ZCMI warehouse was partially funded by state and federal historic tax credit programs. As a building of historic significance in the Gateway District, Artspace City Center has brought new energy to a building and a neighborhood that is tied to Utah's railroad and cultural heritage.