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Gibson-Levy Home, Salt Lake City

The 1890 Vernacular style single-family residence, located at 953 Second Avenue is one of only a few wood frame structures built in the Avenues. The original owner of the home was Scottish immigrant John Gibson. He built this home and also constructed a smaller, single-story building next to it from which he ran a tailoring business. Very little has changed with these two structures over the past 100 years and Jim and Jennifer Levy, who purchased this home in 2005, wanted it to remain that way. When the Levy's decided to add a master bedroom and 2-car garage they opted for an addition that would have the lowest impact on the original home. With a previous addition in "structural failure" the Levy's not only had to add on, but they had to rehabilitate the original portions of the home.

After completing the structural work in the original home, the new addition and garage were constructed in a manner which leaves it almost un-seen behind the original house. Much care was taken by the family and the architect in matching the original lines and scale of the existing house to make the new addition seem natural, as well as provide new living space on a limited lot.

The home has maintained its historic view from Second Avenue and demonstrates how compatible additions allow the residents to modernize in a historic district.