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Park Building, Salt Lake City

Named after the University of Utah's first president, Dr. John Rockey Park, the Park Building was completed in 1914 and is the located at the pinnacle of President's Circle. Originally known as the "Central Building," it serves as the 'front door' to the campus and houses the office of the University's president as well as many other administrative offices.
Clad in limestone quarried in Utah's Sanpete County and terra cotta ornamentation, the building's exterior suffered from the impact of water, weather and environmental pollution. This resulted in the cracking of hundreds of terra cotta pieces.
Formal renovation planning started in 2007 with thorough documentation and evaluation of the exterior cladding. While, significant seismic improvements were integrated into the project, the historic terra cotta was cleaned, repaired with concealed stainless steel anchors, patched where needed with a compatible repair mortar and recoated to blend with adjacent units. Balustrades at both the roof-top and near the main entry were carefully rebuilt with an extensive stainless steel structure. The discolored limestone was cleaned and surfaces and edges redressed to remove the pollution crust and create a cleaner surface.
As finishing touches to this major renovation, the bronze statue of John R. Park was removed, fully cleaned and repaired, and the landscaping immediately around the building was returned to a more historic appearance with a wide granite-filled 'dry' moat protecting the granite foundation.
Utah Heritage Foundation presented the University of Utah with a Heritage Award for the Restoration of the John R. Park Building.

Project Architect:  Charles Shepherd, MJSA Architects

General Contractor:  Big-D Construction