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George Cannon, St. George

George Cannon already had a history in Washington County as his family settled the area. But it was in January of 2007, when the recently retired engineer became familiar to and with the Washington County Historical Society. It all started when he innocently attended a lecture hosted at the historic county courthouse. There, he was approached about becoming an active member with any projects that they had scheduled for the year. With a keen interest in providing information for the public, the next few years became all-consuming.

With little-to-no web design experience, Cannon bravely volunteered to spearhead the effort to make the history and architecture of Washington County come alive online. The learning curve was steep so the beginning was slow. While a lot of interesting and worthwhile information was collected, access to it was clumsy and not "user friendly". Cannon was not only collecting information, but was the major player in presenting ideas to the board and rallying excitement about the end result.

With everyone one the same page and a little technical assistance, it wasn't long before George Cannon was producing web pages and creating wchsutah.org from the ground up. The website is organized into clearly defined sections with information continually being added to evolve and become more comprehensive.

Mr. Cannon clearly represents a preservation volunteer with a "can do" attitude. We need more George Cannon's ; he is a model of how to be involved locally and providing unique and desired resources to provide key information to preserving the heritage and architecture for our state.

Utah Heritage Foundation presented George R. Cannon with a Heritage Award for his contributions to Washington County and Utah's historic preservation movement.