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Wilson Pavilion, Salt Lake City

With its dramatic swooping roofline, copper-clad skylights, and remarkable feathered inhabitants, the Calvin D. Wilson Pavilion has been synonymous with the aviary at Liberty Park since it opened in 1970. But over the years, this mid-century modern building suffered from deferred maintenance and weathering, becoming more of a liability than an asset – especially to visitors of the aviary who were not even allowed into the interior spaces. The roof and skylight were leaking and the wood soffits had rotted away. It wasn't the easiest decision, but the Friends of Tracy Aviary chose to embark upon an ambitious renovation with environmentally components that made the Wilson Pavilion the best space for birds and visitors alike.

With amazing new exhibits visitors can now watch the staff as they incubate and hand-rear baby birds and see Keel-billed Toucans, Scarlet Ibis, and the gorgeous Paradise Tanger. Inside the building features tropical trees and plants that draw your eyes up to the meticulously restored wood ceiling. The exhibits now allow the birds to utilize both the interior and the exterior spaces with new free-flying exhibits that compliment the design of the building.

The renovated Calvin D. Wilson South American Pavilion has been certified LEED Gold which is truly a remarkable feat considering its unique tenants which isn't accommodated by LEED standards. The Wilson Pavilion's hallmark silhouette has intrigued passers-by for over forty years. With this rehabilitation, not only will the building continue impress, but it is now the centerpiece of one of Salt Lake City's great public spaces, showing how stewardship of extraordinary architecture can happen in an unexpected locations.

Utah Heritage Foundation presented the Tracy Aviary with a Heritage Award for rehabilitation of the Calvin D. Wilson South American Pavilion.