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975 S. West Temple - Adaptive Use

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From the outside, this building has always seemed a little unassuming. A warehouse located in the Central Ninth District of Salt Lake City, was just waiting for someone to see its potential.  That’s where Missy Greis and Publik Coffee Roasters come in. They had a plan to use the space for roasting and distributing coffee from this building as well as creating a gathering place for the community. The scope of the project included three main objectives: discover the existing building; determine how to best reveal key elements of the existing building for the operational coffee roasting needs; and create a community gathering place.

The existing building has two portions. The west portion of the structure is a 1920s warehouse for a mining company consisting of a masonry envelope with a light gauge steel bowstring truss roof system. The east wing is a 1959 warehouse with a masonry envelope and a concrete precast frame that was used to house printing presses for Wheelwright Printing and later Jensen Reprographics.

Key elements of the building are the main open spaces, the cool pre-cast concrete interior, and the integration of reused or salvaged finishes.  Inside the building you will find original materials but also reclaimed oil-rigging pipe stock for railings & furniture, reclaimed glulam beam furniture, and repurposed steel fire doors & windows.

You will also find people. The goal to create a community gather space is accomplished by having large open spaces for people to meet up, providing conference rooms for meeting, and also having a large space for events.  

The extraordinary vision of this adaptive use project and the visionary goals of the creator can lead to great things for a historic preservation, a local business, and the community.