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2529 Jackson Avenue - Rehabilitation

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Jerry and Donna Spangler are no strangers to historic preservation in Utah. Their first restoration project was in 2001 when they restored a large Victorian house in the Liberty Park area of Salt Lake City.  After that they decided to venture north and shifted their restoration efforts to the city of Ogden. While living there they have rehabbed two Arts and Crafts style houses in the Eccles National Register Historic District.

The largest and most ambitious of these undertakings was the property at 2529 Jackson Avenue. The Spangler’s acquired this house in late 2005 specifically with the intention to restore as pristinely as their budget would allow. Once one of the showpieces of street, the house had become what the Spangler’s call an “embarrassing eyesore,” which would be used to describe both the neglected interior and the exterior.

The solid red brick house had, sometime in the distant past, been covered over in a putrid (Jerry’s word) yellow paint that was beginning to exfoliate, exposing original brick decaying under the forces of nature. The lawns had been ripped out in favor of wildflower beds now overgrown with morning glory and thistles and it looked like an absolute mess. While the home may never look the same as it did when it was built in 1913 – because no one knows what it looked like – It is again a visually appealing place to call home and fit is seamlessly to the historic district’s streetscape.